Automatic Cans Juice Filling Machine

Meagges Board

The machine adopts PLC, frequency converter, man-machine interface control system.With frequency control of motor speed, can automatic filling, not tank filling and other advanced control technology, through the various sensors on the equipment, the touch screen can show the exact production speed and production quantity, production speed according to user requirements can be set by the touch screen.The whole machine has various protection of main motor and other electric appliances, such as overload, over voltage, etc.At the same time in the touch screen will automatically show the corresponding all kinds of fault, convenient for the user to find the cause of the problem.This machine is the main electrical components adopt international famous brand, brand can also be specified according to customer requirements.
After filling machine has fast speed, filling tank level to opening is highly consistent, the machine running smoothly, a good quality sealing and modelling and other significant characteristics of elegant appearance, convenient operation and maintenance.
This machine adopts the automatic filling valve based on the  juice filling theory. The sealing machine transfers power to make the whole machine run synchronously. The height of filling cylinder can be adjusted to apply to different height of jar.
Main features
The whole machine uses supporting bottle-bottom delivery, so that the whole conveyor line is stable.
Filling theory is juice filling. Filling valve adopts high-precision machinery valve. Filling is fast and liquid-level precision is high. Filling will stop when there is no jar. Filling valve port pre-cover device and bottle-bottom support device are combined to ensure the stability of bottle filling. Filling cylinder support employs worm-gear case lift to meet the different height of jars. There is a liquid level floating ball switch in the filling cylinder to ensure stability of inlet liquid.
 The sealing machine introduces Taiwan sealing roller and pressure head to make sure the can sealing quality. This machine will stop sealing when there is no can, and thus the whole machine can function well and reduce cap failure rate.

Technical parameter

item Technical parameter
Filling heads 18
Sealing heads 4
Filling type juice filling
Size of can height 52.5-99mm
Size of can mouth 39-160mm
Filling sealing type continuous
Production capacity 10000-15000cans/h
Total power 7.5KW
weight 4000kg
dimension 3000*1780*2000mm

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