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Cans sealing machine mainly for high purity requirements of the milk powder, protein powder packing industry designed a new type sealing machine. Using electrical integration control, human-machine interface, automatic stamping, automatic access cans, automatic vacuum infilling nitrogen, non-pollution automatic sealing, operating parameters can be easily set and change depending on the type of round cans sealing requirements on the touch screen.
The whole machine beautiful shape, smooth operation, vacuum and nitrogen filling value is stable, high automation level. It is an essential ideal equipment for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical industry and so on.
1. Production Capacity: 8 -10 cans / min
2. Cans Diameter: Φ70 – Φ130mm
3. Cans Height: 80 -190mm
4. Working Pressure (compressed air): ≥0.6MPa
5. Air Consumption (compressed air): ≈80L /min
6. Nitrogen Gas Pressure: ≥0.4MPa
7. Nitrogen Consumption: ≈50L /min
8. Lowest Vacuum Pressure: -0.09MPa
9. Power: 380V 50Hz 4.0Kw
10. Machine Weight: 600Kg
11. Dimensions: 2000×900×1850mm

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